Some SQL Counters are not collected

If you experience that you have a red icon in the Full update column, then it means that some data is not collected, and that is important to have a good overview of your solution.


If you click on the red button, then you can see the what counters that are not collected:

In the situation above you can see that it is factunusedindexes. Everything else is working.

We suggest the following problem solving:

  1. If it is unused indexes only, then click here.
  2. If it is more than one SQL counter, then try to increase the query timeout in the windows service that collects data. Click here to read how to do that (find the part with Query timeout)
  3. If it is all SQL Counters, then it might be a security issue. Click here if you are using SQL authentication or here if you are using windows authentication.

If problem still exists, then please contact our support.


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