Version 2.1 Released 8th of August 2016

Finally the new release is here, and the best thing about running a cloud based solution is that you don't have to do anything. All features are enabled for you.


Feature Bronze Silver Gold
External Access to data with SQL   X X
Odata access (e.g. access from PowerBI)     X
EventLog analyzer     X
Instance search X X X
Manage your servers X X X
Access from mobile devices X X X


Report Bronze Silver Gold
Latches  X X X
MemoryReports  X  X  X
SQL Patching report  X  X X
Virtual file stat report X X X
Job overview report X X X
Successful login reports X X X


Webpart Bronze Silver Gold
Info about your subscription  X X X
To 10 Latches last hour  X  X  X
Bufferpool per Instance  X  X X
Bufferpool per DB X X X
Successful logins 12 month X X X
Successful logins users X X X
Successful logins IP X X X


Misc. changes
Change Bronze Silver Gold
In statuswebpart it is now possible to see if a SQL server is running.  X X X


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