Some WMI counters are not collected

We have experienced that some counters are not collected after installation of the windows service. This can be due to many things, but below steps can help solving the problem.

  1. Change query timeout to 600 seconds
  2. Make sure that the windows service is started with a user that has prober permissions.
  3. Restart the windows service



Open the windows program that are installed.

Go to the tab General configuration and change query timeout to 600.

Click Submit and close the application.


Make sure the windows service has correct permissions

Go to Services on the computer where sql powerhouse is installed.

Find the service SQLPowerhouse.

See the user, and then make sure that it has the correct permissions on the monitored servers. Read this article to see what is required.

Restart the windows service

 After doing the things above, then restart the windows service. right click choose stop and then choose start (you can also choose restart, but personally I prefer to do it in two steps).



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