Unused indexes are not collected

Some times you might see that unused indexes are not collected from your servers. You see this problem in the Status webpart on the frontpage in the column Full Update. click on the red icon, and scroll down to [dbo].[FACTunusedIndexes] if that is red, then unused indexes are not collected:

There might be several reasons for that, but below we have written the most common (including a solution):

Reason 1: New databases has been added

Due to security reasons, then you need to run the SQL server Permission script every time you add a new database. Depending on how you did setup SQL powerhouse, then choose one of the two links.

  1. You are using windows security. Click here.
  2. You are using SQL Server authentication. Click here.

Note! If you setup security that are not following our guidelines, then you might put your self into serious security problems.


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