Enable Deadlocks in errorlog

If you want to monitor Deadlocks in SQL Powerhouse in the errorlog reports, then you must enable traceflag 1222 on the instance.

To Enable Traceflag 1222, you must go to configuration of the SQL Server and Right click the instance (1 in the below picture).

When you have Right clicked the instance, the following popup will show (can be a little bit depending on the SQL server version.


Find startup parameters and add -T1222. Click OK. and then restart the SQL Server Instance.

In older versions af SQL server, then all startup parameters are in one line, so it is a little bit more tricky. If it causes you problems, then contact us at

NOTE!!! If you set a wrong parameter, then the SQL server might not start. then remove the startup parameter and start the server. Contact us for further help.

IMPORTANT!! IF you want to start logging deadlocks without a restart, then go to a query window in Microsoft Management studio and write DBCC TRACEON (1222,-1)


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