How to update the collection definition

(note: after applying the below, including the optional update, it can take up to 1½ hours before your system is valid).

SQL Powerhouse relies on that it gets information from your servers. Sometimes we need to change what we collect, it can be because of optimizing or that we want to collect other metadata.

Due to security, then there is no automatic update of these definition files. You will receive an email from us, when it is necessary to update either the program (not described here) or the definition file.

When you receive that email, then please do the following:

Click on the SQL Powerhouse icon.

You should now have the login screen. enter your password.

You are now in, and then you must choose the tab What to collect.

Click on update definition, and fill in the information.

If you want to request a new definition file, then please click one and enter your email.


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